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Two Small Churches Unite with one Big Vision

The Story of a Church Refined by Fire

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A Spark that Flamed a New Beginning

Founded in Detroit, MI. in 1930 by Elder and Sister Venable, Progressive Pentecostal Mission had a vision to win souls for Christ. After withstanding a relocation to Chicago, IL. and remaining firm under the leadership of the original founders, followed by Elder James Graham, Sr., then Elder James Graham, Jr., the small church met one of its greatest adversities to date in the form of a fire which destroyed the place of worship in 1968.

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Trailblazing the way for generational legacies

Beulah Pentecostal Church was founded by Elder Elias Jones in 1937. After his passing, his wife, Evangelist Annabell Jones assumed the pastoral role of the church until she, too, was called home to be with the Lord. After much prayer, Elder Fitz Barclay, Sr. was called to pastor Beulah Pentecostal Church. When approached with the proposition by Elder James Graham, Jr. to merge the two churches, Elder Barclay agreed to combine spiritual strength and leadership to become one in 1969. The merging of these two ministries resulted in the present name, Progressive Beulah Pentecostal Church (PBPC). Senior Pastor, Elder Fitz Barclay, Sr. along with co-pastor, Elder James Graham,Jr. and Assistant Pastor, Elder David Phillips, were the pioneers who made personal sacrifices for the purchase of the current place of worship of PBPC. 


Passing the Torch

After 37 faithful years of leading PBPC as pastor and spiritual overseer, Bishop Barclay retired in 1995. Truly chosen by God as his father's successor, Elder Thomas Anthony Barclay, Sr. accepted the call of God to lead this ministry and establish the vision of restoring broken lives. Pastor Thomas Barclay has been a willing vessel of the Lord for over 25 years providing a beacon of hope to countless members of this community, nation, and world.

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A Ray of Light to Chicago's Inner-City

From clothing, feeding, and sheltering the homeless, to directing free athletic and music programs for youth, Pastor Barclay, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, has led this ministry outside the four walls of our building to reach this hurting community. Through his humble submission to God's will, he has led many souls to Christ.

Ministry Expansions:

2002 - purchase of men's house

2009 - purchase of women's house

2020 - purchase of Community and Youth Center

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