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Thomas A. Barclay


Senior Pastor

In 1979, Pastor Barclay received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa and, in 1981, a Master’s degree in Social Work from Indiana University. He received post-graduate certification from Yale University. For 18 years, he held leadership positions with Youth Guidance, a social service agency that works with elementary and high school faculty, staff and students. He worked for DePaul University Urban Education Department as an Education Consultant.

Elder Barclay was ordained in 1992 with the United Pentecostal Council of the Assemblies of God, Inc (UPCAG). He served several years as the National Youth Director. He credits much of his spiritual development to his parents, the late Bishop Fitz and Mother Geraldine Barclay.

In 1995, Elder Barclay succeeded his father as Senior Pastor of Progressive. Right away, God called him to move outside the church walls to reach people in the streets.  In 1999, God directed him to full-time pastoral ministry, and called him to move outside the church walls to reach people in the streets. His focus continues to be on evangelizing individuals who battle problems such as life-controlling substances abuse, prostitution, alcoholism and homelessness. 


In 2009, Elder Barclay was elected as the International Presiding Elder of the United Pentecostal Council of the Assemblies of God, Inc. (UPCAG). Under his leadership, through his obedience to the voice of the Lord, the Council has experienced monumental expansion. His profound impact on the organization led to his reelection in 2015.

Yvette P. Barclay

First Lady

A woman of prayer, Lady Barclay supports her husband in ministry as an avid intercessor. With wisdom and grace, she embodies many characteristics of a virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31.


Holding a bachelor's and master's degree in mathematics, a master's degree in education, and a law degree, Lady Barclay values education and knowledge. Gifted to teach and empowered by the Holy Spirit that dwells in her, she has the distinct ability to enrich one's understanding in a way that promotes personal and spiritual growth of those with an ear to hear. She exercises her gift to teach as an educator by profession and in the various ministries in which she serves at Progressive Beulah.

Lady Barclay website photo.jpeg

Pastor Barclay and his wife of over 35 years, Lady Yvette P. Barclay, have labored together to build God’s church and His people. Pastor and First Lady Barclay are also the proud parents of three beloved adult children: Thomas Anthony II (Eta), Priscilla Antoinette (Scott), and Dakarai Antoine, and grandparents of four: Elias Matthew, Sophia Joy, Carter Xavier, and Lewis Anthony


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Elder Irma Childress

Elder Lydia Hamilton


Elder Alfred Childress

Elder Louis Isaac


Elder Anne Smith

Elder Brenda Williams

Sunday School Superintendent/ Project W.H.O.L.E. Director

Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America, UPCAG Rep.

Women's Ministry Leader

Elder Angela Martinez


Min. Sammie Bailey


Head Deacon

Min. Effina Jackson

Administrative Assistant

Min. Sheldon Edwards

Min. Carlynn Lampton

Children's Ministry Leader

Min. Freddie Penson


Min. Loretta Williams


Ordained Deacons

Deacon Porter Chambers

Deacon Joseph Cole

Deacon Sheldon Edwards, Head Deacon

Deacon Ellis Guy

Deaconess Barbara Hardy

Deacon John Hardy

Deacon Tommie Jones

Deaconess Carlynn Lampton

Deacon Maurice Moody

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