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Reply SallyIdogs
9:22 PM on April 2, 2020 
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Reply Minister Yvette Pittman
10:13 AM on November 24, 2019 
The web site is very informative. One question do they provide transportation to services.
Reply Troy Dandridge
12:30 PM on July 31, 2019 
Hi Pastor Barclay this is the area that is the Asian Place. . ." Chinese Mutual Aid"

Youth Summer Camp Instructor
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Chinese Mutual Aid Association

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Chicago, IL 60640

Tel: (773) 784-2900

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CMAA Elgin

164 Division Street, Suite #403

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Tel: (847) 289-1138

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Questions? Leave your information and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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1016 W. Argyle Street
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Tel: (773) 784-2900

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Reply Troy Dandridge
12:23 PM on July 31, 2019 
Hi Pastor Barclay! The trip was the best and we did HISTORY when we pray for the youth of the UPCAG.
One thing the unit that is on the north side has a special code that is up kept and they look down on you for not
considering it. . . So I will be at church soon and when working a job the time will fly past so just checking in and Thank You so much again. . .
Reply Tyson Parks
8:29 PM on April 8, 2017 
It was a pleasure meeting Elder Barclay today. We honored a great man in the person of Rev. Jon Sibley Sr.
I have had the privilege to serve beside Rev. Jon Sibley in the Galesburg community and he will be sorely missed. God has called one of his faithful ambassadors home to glory.
Reply Timothy Tarver
3:02 PM on March 15, 2017 
Finally, after almost 62 years, I can call someone my pastor,
Pastor Barclay and First Lady Yvette Barclay.
Praise GOD!
Reply Robin
3:16 PM on November 19, 2016 
May the Love, Peace and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ reign in your hearts and minds concerning this matter. I would like you to help me get my water turned on; I was hit by a car on 04/04/2016 on 59th Damen while walking my dog and have been unable to work due to my injuries. No one has helped me because it was a hit and run and the police has not tried to find this person because I reside in West Englewood. Robbins gave them a video of the car and it is still on the internet but no one has come to my aide. I applied for crime victims compensation but received a letter 7 months later telling me they denied it! I have been without water since July 2016 I really need help and I hope the Love and Compassion of Jesus Christ will lead you to assist me in this matter. I am now trying to appeal the States Attorney Decision but in the mean time I am without water and it's too cold to get water from the park, besides the fountains are shut off. Please find in your heat to help me and also pray that the decision will be reversed and the person who hit me leaving me for dead in the middle of the streets are found. Thank you may God our Father continue to bless and keep you is my prayer. In Jesus Mighty Name
Reply Jordan Howell
10:31 PM on May 3, 2016 
I just started coming to this church and from the start everyone was very nice. They really care about people at this church. Thank you Minister Anne Smith for inviting me. Last saturday I attended an event on intercessory prayer at the church. The praying that took place at that event was tremendously moving. The praise and worship is phenomenal. I feel like crying every time they sing. Not because I am sad, but because I am grateful to have the chance to glorify Jesus. I will admit that the services are longer than any church I have been to in my life. But even though the services are long I am sad when they end because I want to keep worshiping God and listening to the Word of God rightly divided. The teaching at the church is sound doctrine. And I strongly recommend this church. At IHOP restaurants they have a slogan, Come Hungry; Leave Happy. If you come to Progressive Beulah Pentecostal and you are hungry for the Word of God. Then I can guarantee that you will leave happy.
Reply Adrienne
11:42 AM on March 20, 2016 
For the last two years, I have been the primary caregiver for my sick mother who recently passed away in February. While waiting on the bus near Jewel/Osco on 87th and Lafayette, I saw the Progressive Beulah Pentecostal Church van waiting in the parking lot. God, whispered to me to enter the name of the church and location in my phone.

As I carefully reviewed the Progressive Beulah Pentecostal Church website, I was excited about the mission of the church "Restoring Broken Lives". With the loss of my mother, I feel a void. I feel that a part of my life is broken. I find that I need restoring and healing.

Professionally, as a former Certified Job Developer/Case Manager for a non- profit serving ex-offenders, the homeless, adults and youth with barriers to employment, it was my goal to restore the lives of our clients.
In a response to the following question that were asked on the church website:

Are you ready, willing and desiring for a place where you can reach out to the lost? Yes

A place where you can help feed the hungry and homeless? Yes

Are you tired of seeing men and women spend their lives addicted to drugs, alcohol or prostitution? Yes

Would you like to play a part in their deliverance? Yes

Although I no longer work, I have a strong desire to continue to make a positive difference in people's lives. I have been looking for a Pentecostal church home where I could bring my passion and talent. I think your church may be a good fit. I plan to visit your church very soon.
Reply Deacon Gerry L. Evans
3:38 AM on July 30, 2015 
To: Pastor Thomas Barclay.
Grace and peace from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray that you have received phone called from sister Gwendolyn Campbell (the photographer) on my behalf. I was speaking to her about my desire to go to Chicago to do missionary work with the homeless and to serve where I am needed for a week or so. God has provided a way for me to do missionary work in Cambodia, Thailand, Bangkok, Haiti and Africa. In the USA I have served those in need and minister to the lost souls in New Orleans, after Katrina. And in Moore, Ok after tornado torn apart that city. I am also involved with feeding the homeless and I am a Chaplin assistant at Isabella nursing home in NYC. It has been painful for me to read about all the killing and suffering that Chicago has experienced. I have prayed and asked God to make a way for me to share the good news of Jesus Christ and to serve those in need and who live in darkness and sin. Thank you pastor for your time and consideration to this matter and request. I ask that you pray on it, and if it is God's will, I will meet you in person and to join you in your journey. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.
Reply Rev Bruce Sutchar
5:16 PM on April 13, 2015 
Dear Pastor Barclay,

In 40 years of visiting churches yesterday was one of the deepest experiences that I have ever had. Thank you for the words of God. I chatted with Sister Barclay after service to thank her for her beautiful song and began to realize what a precious child of God she is. I hope that this experience can be follwed by many more in the future and I sincerely hope that you will feel called to participate with our American Clergy Leadership Conference. Once again, thank you and all the members at Progessive for making me feel qyuite at home.
Reply isaac Willis atembo
9:41 AM on February 17, 2015 
Thank you for the work you are doing .God bless you.We are in Kenya doing the same please visit us here.
Reply Bernmark Okioga
8:52 AM on February 2, 2015 
Pastor Thomas , Kindly we are touched by what God is doing in Chicago , will you love to extend this to Kenya , Kindly come preach and teach as we disciple others together.
Reply Jorge Evandro Plínio de Souza
4:17 PM on December 11, 2014 
I ask prayers for wedding Jorge Evandro Plínio de Souza and Núbia Pereira da Silva. I ask intersection of prayers for spiritual life, financial, labor and legal, of both, and also: Carloline Macedo de Souza, Andrea Plínio de Souza Santos and family, Raquel Macedo de Oliveira, Church Nova Vida of Central do Brasil and sues members and officers, Mrs Fáima Silva and Mrs Lúcia Diniz. We live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I would intersection of prayers to the principality of darkness or unclean spirit "stingy" and his legion attacking us spiritually. That the Lord severely rebuke and prevent them from us, steal and kill and destroy. (Jd 1: 9, Jo 10:10).
Thank you so much.
Reply Carolina
4:37 PM on October 23, 2014 
May I please have a prayer request?

Please pray that my boyfriend and I can reconcile and try again. Let there be no bitterness toward each other and help us forgive and forget past wrongs. I pray that we stay together as boyfriend and girlfriend and that we both feel and are fulfilled and happy together. I pray that the reconciliation is mutual and that we are able to healthily work through our problems. Help improve our mental health and help put an end to the toxic cycle we had so that we may be happy and stay together. Remove all anxiety and depression from us both. Let us not dwell on the past or feel insecure/ doubt in our relationship. Please Lord, help us get rid of our insecurities and come back into our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend healthier and happier than ever and help us stay that way. Boost both of our self esteems, keep us humble, and help us accept compliments. Help us stop being so hard on ourselves and over thinking and blowing things out of proportion. Help us be loving toward each other and not distant. Help us have great communication with each other and help us enjoy our time together. Let our love for each other be genuine. Let us only remember the happy times together and forget and forgive all the negatives of the past. I believe in your word that says ask and it shall be given. I am asking for this miracle with all that I am. I know that with God all things are possible and I know that You are already working on my request Lord. I know You are greater than any obstacle this world has to offer. I pray for a happy future with him. I also pray for his salvation and that God may guide him to where he needs to be to come to Jesus Christ. Heal our body, mind, and soul. Thank you for everything that you do for me God. Let us do great things in your name. I pray in Jesus name, amen.

Thank you and God bless.